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How does this work?
If you click one of the menu items you will be redirected to a page with the products, click on them and a popup will show with more information on what is included and how long this membership is valid. 

Once you chose your desired package simply click "buy", now you can choose if to add it to the cart, if you want to subscribe or if you want to gift it to a friend. 

As soon as you chose any of the options it will ask you on which server you want to use it. Select the desired server, and click continue.

Checking Out

Now you are redirected to the shopping cart, you have to fill in your details, do not worry we don't use your details for any purpose. But we have to collect them by law for our administration. Currently we only accept PayPal however in the near future, we will accept 600+ payment methods!

Reward Retrieval 

You will receive the items as soon as the payment is confirmed, it will take up to 1-5 minutes to process your VIP membership / Packages.

Got a question?

Head over to our discord and contact a member of staff with any questions or concerns you may have regarding donations!

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543bbe5627b877896b839d3516192027fe94ddeb.png  Steam Group

Most Popular Package
Donating Skins

3dd51b5263f5ac08b0f8106fdc0e5ae55287f49e.png PAYMENT METHODS 02a60a7e6d35475e9a132e49b5733631e8870ebb.jpg 

You can currently donate with -

Paypal / Skins / BTC / Credit Cards

(CSGO / Rust Skins are 30% overpay)

(Example - £10 credit will be £13 worth of skins) 

Note: All skins are sold on a third party website for PayPal funds (server funds)!

Speak to Incognito (Press the name for trade link) regarding skin donations / other payment methods!